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Deposits & Holding Puppies

I accept deposits on puppies when they are 2 weeks or older. Deposit is 30% of puppy price & non refundable unless the puppy becomes unavailable due to fault of seller. Deposits are accepted as cash (in person), USPS money order sent by USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation, or money gram.

 If deposit is not received within 7 days the puppy will be put back for sale. Please understand that if you are interested in a puppy, but I do not get word you are sending a deposit, that puppy is still available to someone else. Deposits are non-refundable, however If you change your mind, deposits can be transferred to another available puppy or hold your spot on my waiting list for the next available litter for a period of up to 1 year. If deposit is not used within that time it will be forfeited.

Puppies are ready to go to their new home around 9-10 weeks old. The Tiny babies however might need longer depending on the puppy.

Puppies with deposits must be paid in full and picked up by 11wks of age. If not paid in full and picked up by 11 wks, a hold fee of $5 per day, will be applied to purchase price. The ONLY exception to this is if the puppy needs more time here due to tiny size, which does not happen very often,

Waiting List: Waiting list deposit is $50 (non-refundable) and is subtracted from your total once you pick your puppy. Waiting list deposits do not expire, so you can pass on any litter. 30% down is due once a puppy is chosen. Click on the waiting list deposit form below for more info!



Shipping is NOT available at this time. You will need to make arrangements to pick up your puppy. We also offer to meet half way up to 2 hrs one way for a fee, contact me for more info.

Pick-Up is always welcome. We are a family and not a pet store, so please be respectfull of that! Pickup and puppy viewings MUST be scheduled in advance. We do not allow "lookers" to visit, but serious buyers, when we have age appropriate puppies, are always welcome. This policy is to protect our young babies from diseases being brought in by a lot of different people! Total payment is due at pick up and cash only if in person.



My prices start at $800 for pet only and go up from there based on breed, size, color, quality, and pedigree. Average prices are $800-$900 & the tiny sizes (6lbs or less expected) can be $1000 +. There is a $400 fee added to pet price for breeding rights. Not every puppy will be available for a breeder price. I do not sell CHEAP dogs! Please be respectful of my time and care I give these dogs and DO NOT ask me to come down on a price! If you are not willing to pay a price listed, please don't ask about that dog.

The average pet buyer does not realize the cost of raising dogs and puppies so for those of you out there that say "That's too much for a dog" take into consideration the cost of food, vaccines, wormers, flea/tick meds, vet checks, dew claws/tails docked, emergency vet visits, c-sections, registration fees, puppy pads, vitamins, medications, advertising, cost of excellent quality & pedigree parents, health tests, extra care needed for those imperial & tiny toy mommas/puppies....and so on! Not to mention the TIME it takes to properly care for all parents and puppies! If you are looking for a "CHEAP" dog please look into adopting from an animal shelter or rescue, (which have many wonderful dogs looking for a new home) NOT a breeder.



All deposits must be sent with a Deposit Form which is located in the above link for you to print, fill out your info, & email back to me.

All puppies (under 8 months) come with a two year health guarantee against congenital defects that would cause a non treatable life threatening illness or death. This only covers health issues that were confirmed to have been present at birth. Does not cover internal or external parasites or diseases that are prevented from vaccinations/medications or health issues that are common in the breed. This guarantee also does not cover hernias or fontanels unless puppy is being sold to a breeder. A confirmed statement from vet is required. Buyer can choose from available puppies or be put on my waiting list for first pick of next litter. No refunds are ever given for any reason. If there are any known problems or concerns with a puppy before leaving here they will be added to the contract after buyer & seller's agreement. If signs of neglect or abuse are present, contract is void immediately. Health Guarantees are NOT transferable to new owners if you sell the puppy. My health guarantee is for MY puppies that were born here ONLY. On occasion I will have older puppies for sale that I have gotten from other breeders for breeding that for one reason or another do not fit into my breeding program. I WILL NOT GIVE A HEALTH GUARANTEE ON ANOTHER BREEDERS PUPPY! Please do not ask.

I require a spay/neuter contract with all my puppies/dogs. Once proof of spay/neuter is received from your vet all registration papers will be sent. I will be happy to have this done for you prior to them leaving here if they are old enough (6 months or older) as long as payment for procedure is received and there will be an extra 2 weeks or so recovery time before leaving. If I have this procedure done for you no contract will have to be signed and all papers will go with the puppy/dog. I do this to prevent unwanted puppies from being produced. I do offer a breeder price to APPROVED breeder homes only!


My Policies

I have the right to refuse a sale of any puppy if I feel it is not in the best interest of that puppy. I will NEVER knowingly sell my puppies to puppy mills, pet stores, or puppy brokers. Please do not ask and look elsewhere if that is you. It is my goal to find the best homes for my babies. Unlike some "breeders" out there I care where my puppies go and I am not in this for money...I LOVE my dogs!! Please be prepared to answer questions and fill out forms.

I do offer to take back puppies/dogs that you have purchased from me for the life of that dog if you decide it is not for you or you cannot keep it for any reason. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN, but if you have tried to re-home the dog and cannot I will take them back before they end up in a shelter!

**I will not hold a puppy or adult dog without a deposit, please understand this and do not ask! If you tell me you are sending a deposit then you have 5 days to get that to me. If no deposit is received in that time the dog will be back for sale. If you are contacting me about a dog please remember they are still available to someone else until I get that deposit or a notice that you are sending one.